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Saturday, December 27, 2008

3 Album's you probably didn't listen to this year.

I hadn't really sat down with the album before i went to his show at Highline Ballroom and needless to say, i was blown away.
Good album, amazing live show.
The man has had so many hits over the years.

Skillz understood what 99% of "underground" rappers have never got.
Say dope shit over wack beats, people don't listen. Say mindless rants over a hot beat (See "A Millie") and people lose their minds in the club.
Here he gets both accomplished. Great production, great lyrics.

For any rappers taking note, this is the way you make your final album.
I've always looked at Scarface as the most successful rapper because...
1. He got respect everywhere
2. He got bread
3. He can still do regular shit.
"Nigga i came up on muthafuckin Rakim and KRS-1 and NWA and shit like that nigga. Bitch you came up on me."

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